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Denton Game Day Results

Posted on March 18th, 2013 at 10:29 am, in North Tournaments, Uncategorized
Denton Tournament – Friday, March 8th
Pool #1:  Stands/Offices Pool #2:  Diving Boards
Team #1-White Team #2-Dark Time Team #1-White Team #2-Dark
Guyer Girls-4 Thunder Bolts Girls-14 6:00:00 Denton Girls-7 Ryan Girls-11
McKinney Boys-7 Thunder Bolt Boys-14 6:45:00 St. Marks JV Boys-8 Guyer Boys-7
Ryan Girls-5 Thunder Bolts Girls-11 7:30:00 Denton Girls-3 Guyer Girls-6
St. Mark JV Boys-8 Thunder Bolt Boys-9 8:15:00 McKinney Boys-4 Guyer Boys-15
Denton Tournament – Saturday, March 9th
Pool #1:  Stands/Offices Pool #2:  Diving Boards
Team #1-White Team #2-Dark Time Team #1-White Team #2-Dark
Flower Mound Girls A-15 Denton Girls-1 9:00:00 Plano West Girls-1 Carroll Girls-10
Guyer Boys-16 Dallas ISD Boys-8 9:45:00 Plano West Boys-10 Carroll Boys-9
Flower Mound Girls A-10 Carroll Girls-7 10:30:00 Plano West Girls-5 Denton Girls-11
Guyer Boys-14 Carroll Boys-10 11:15:00 Plano West Boys-13 Dallas ISD Boys-6
Irving/Nimitz JV Coed-7 MacArthur Coed-7 12:00:00 Ryan Girls-10 Guyer Girls-4
Irving/Nimitz V Coed-5 Carroll JV Coed-11 12:45:00 Flower Mound Girls B-8 MacArthur Girls-3
Irving/Nimitz JV Coed-2 McKinney Boyd Coed-13 1:30:00 Ryan Girls-10 Rockwall Girls-4
Irving/Nimitz V Coed-11 Dallas ISD Coed-5 2:15:00 Flower Mound Girls B-18 Denton ISD B Girls-4
MacArthur Coed-2 McKinney Boyd Coed-12 3:00:00 Guyer Girls-9 Rockwall Girls-8
Carroll JV Coed-14 Dallas ISD Coed-9 3:45:00 MacArthur Girls-8 Denton ISD B Girls-4
Heath/Rockwall Boys-7 McKinney Boyd Boys-16 4:30:00 Flower Mound Boys-17 MacArthur Boys-7
Ryan Boys-5 Rockwall Boys-18 5:15:00 St Marks Boys-16 Denton Boys-5
Heath/Rockwall Boys-18 MacArthur Boys-10 6:00:00 Flower Mound Boys-6 McKinney Boyd Boys-10
Ryan Boys-7 Denton Boys-12 6:45:00 St Marks Boys-18 Rockwall Boys-3

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