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TISCA Water Polo
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North Region Consolidated-JV Champs-2014


DATE/LOCATION:  Saturday-April 19th, Carroll ISD Aquatic Center, 1501 W Southlake Blvd, Southlake, TX


JV Girls:
1. Carroll JV
2. Flower Mound JVJV Boys:
1. St Marks JV
2. Carroll JV
Girls Consolidated:
1. Carroll JV
2. Flower Mound JV
3. Heath/Rockwall
4. CFB Stars
5. Bryan Adams/Wilson
6. Irving/Nimitz
7. Northwest ISD
Boys Consolidated:
1. Ducks Coed A
2. St Marks JV
3. CFB Stars A
3. MacArthur
5. Grapevine
5. Woodrow Wilson
5. Carroll JV
5. Rock/Heath Red
Boys Consolidated
9. Rock Homeschool
9. Lake Highlands
9. Irving/Nimitz
9. Northwest ISD
13. CFB Stars B
13. Rock/Heath White
13. Ducks Coed B

FORMAT:  For all divisions, the teams will play a single elimination tournament with all teams getting at least two games for the tournament.  All games and tie-breaker situations will use NFHS rules.  Each game will be 4 x 5:00 minute quarters.  If needed, games tied after four quarters will play a sudden victory period.  All teams get 2 timeouts per game (plus an extra time out for overtime).  There will be two minutes between quarters for all games.  First team listed wears white caps & starts to the left of the table.

North Region Consolidated & JV Championship Schedule, Saturday-April 19th (Southlake)
Pool #1:  Diving Boards

8:00 (CB1) CFB Stars A-16 v. Grand Prairie ISD-1
8:45 (CB3) Irving/Nimitz-2 v. Carroll JV-8
9:30 (CB5) Woodrow Wilson-20 v. Lake Highlands-8
10:15 (CB7) Northwest ISD-4 v. MacArthur-15
11:00 (CB8) GPISD-5 v. Rock Homschool-9 (Win 9th, Los 13th)
11:45 (CB10) Lake Highlands-8 v. CFB Stars B-4 (W-9th, L-13th)
**12:30 (JVB1) St Marks JV-13 v. Carroll JV-2 (JVB-1st)
1:15 (CG2) CFB Stars-13 v. Northwest ISD-3
2:00 (CB12) CFB Stars A-6 v. Grapevine-4 (Los 5th)
2:45 (CB14) St Marks JV-9 v. Wilson-2 (Los 5th)
*3:30 (CG4) CFB Stars-5 v. Flower Mound JV-11 (Semi Final)
*4:15 (CB16) CFB Stars A-4 v. Ducks A-14 (Semi Final, Los 3rd)
*5:00 (CB17) St Marks JV-18 v. MacArthur-4(SemiFinal, Los 3rd)
**5:45 (CG8) Flower Mound JV-4 v. Carroll JV-9 (1st/2nd Place)
**6:30 (CB18) Ducks A-7 v. St Marks JV-5 (1st/2nd Place)

Pool #2:  Entrance/Front Lobby
8:00 (CB2) Rockwall Homeschool-4 v. Grapevine-14
8:45 (CB4) Ducks Coed A-10 v. Rockwall/Heath White-1
9:30 (CB6) Rockwall/Heath Red-12 v. CFB Stars B-8
**10:15 (JVG1) Flower Mound JV-0 v. Carroll JV-7 (JVG-1st)
11:00 (CB9) Irving-Nimitz-11 v. Rock/Heath White-3 (W-9, L-13)
1145 (CB11) Northwest-5 v. Ducks Coed B-0 (W-9th, L-13th)
12:30 (CG1) Heath/Rockwall-7 v. Irving/Nimitz-3
1:15 (CG3) Flower Mound JV-12 v. Bryan Adams/Wilson-8
2:00 (CB13) Carroll JV-2 v. Ducks Coed A-12 (Los 5th)
2:45 (CB15) Rock/Heath Red-6 v. MacArthur-9 (Los 5th)
*3:30 (CG5) Heath/Rockwall-0 v. Carroll JV-7 (Semi Final)
4:15 (CG6) Irving-Nimtiz-13 v. Northwest-4 (Los 7th)
5:00 (CG7) CFB Stars-0 v. Heath/Rockwall-5 (3rd/4th Place)
5:45 (CG9) Bryan Adams/Wilson-6 v. Irving/Nimitz-5 (5th/6th)

Tournament Details:

  • No Deck Changing!!!
  • Limited room for warm-up (plan accordingly)
  • Hospitality will be provided for coaches and officials ONLY.


  • *Semi Final Games
  • **1st Place Games
  • 1st Place Trophies Awarded for all divisions

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